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2018-2019 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Calendar 
2018-2019 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geological Engineering, B.A.Sc. (Class of 2020)

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Intersession (Taken in Spring following 2nd Year)

Fourth Year CORE - 2019-2020

GEOE 410 or GEOE 419 will be taken prior to the start of fourth year at the end of August

Electives (Classes of 2019 and 2020)

The Geological Engineering plans for the Classes of 2019 & 2020 require that each student take FOUR Technical Electives (TE) from the list at the end of this section, and THREE Complementary Studies Electives (CE) (below). These courses can be taken at any point during the program to accommodate timetabling but normally only in third and fourth year. Students should plan to ensure that prerequisite and co-requisite requirements are met for the full suite of TE or CE electives they wish to take during their program. Students should note that a reduction of total course load to less than 80% of the normal load may prevent them from holding Queen’s University scholarships. With the exceptions of CHEE 400   and APSC 480 , which each count for two TE’s, all technical electives in the TE list count for one of the four required TE courses regardless of credit value.

The total credits from the Technical Electives (TE) taken must equal or exceed 12 and the total AUs from Technical Electives (TE) must equal or exceed 144.

It is mandatory that ONE of the FOUR (1 of 4) Technical Electives (TE) be taken from the following list: CIVL341, CIVL443, CIVL471, GEOE413, GEOE462, MINE321, MINE 469, or APSC 381.


Complementary Studies

Refer to the Complementary Studies  section of this calendar for courses that may be taken for all Engineering programs. For the Geological Engineering Program, the Engineering Economics course is APSC 221 , and the Communications course is APSC 293  in addition to first year program and the three Complementary Studies courses (as above): 2 from List A and 1 from Lists A,B,C, or D.

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