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2016-2017 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Calendar-ARCHIVED 
2016-2017 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Calendar-ARCHIVED [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

(CHE2) Bioengineering - Biochemical, Biomedical, Bioenvironmental Sub-Plan, B.A.Sc. (2018)

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Minimum Total Credits: 45.25

Minimum Total Credits: 44

1 CHE2 students are preloaded into the winter term of CHEE 315  to maintain a balanced course load, but can switch sections and/or terms with the instructor’s permission.

2 Depending on their interest in biomedical or environmental, CHE2 students may replace either CHEE 340  or CHEE 342 , but not both, with a Group A TECH.

3 Electives can be taken in either the fall or winter term, but recommend taking electives in winter term to maintain a balanced course load

Fourth Year CORE 2017-2018

Technical Electives

Students in the Bioengineering - Biochemical, Biomedical, Bioenvironmental Sub-plan (CHE2) must take a minimum of 9 credits in technical electives. One (1) technical elective must be taken from the CHE1 Group A List and two (2) technical electives from the Group C list.


Complementary Studies

Students choose 9 credits from the approved Lists A, B, C, or D of which 6 credits must be taken from List A. Refer to the Complementary Studies  section of this calendar for details regarding the requirements for all Engineering plans.

Engineering Economics

To meet the engineering economics requirement, students take CHEE 310  (this is a CORE course).


To meet the communications course requirement, students take APSC 293  and CHEE 360  (these are CORE courses).

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