Oct 21, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Calendar 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MINE 201 Introduction to Mining and Mineral Processing F | 4

Lecture: 3
Lab: 0
Tutorial: 1
This course presents and overview of all aspects of mining from exploration, financing, development and mining operations. Underground and open pit mining are contrasted. Mineral processing systems for the production of gold, diamonds, copper, nickel, zinc and iron will be studied. Topics include decision-making process related to world market commodity pricing, mine planning and design, mining equipment, blasting and environmental considerations. Concepts of sustainability from economic, social and environmental perspective will be explored. Case studies, a major field trip and related assessment will be used to illustrate principles taught and how they are applied in a practical situation. Conservation equations for mass and energy, process flow diagrams, material and energy balances, First Law of Thermodynamics.

Academic Units:
Mathematics 0
Natural Sciences 12
Complementary Studies 0
Engineering Science 36
Engineering Design 0

PREREQUISITE(S): must be enrolled in Mining Engineering, or permission of instructor

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