Oct 21, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Calendar 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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APSC 480 Multi-disciplinary Industry Engineering Design Project FW | K9

Lecture: Yes
Lab: No
Tutorial: Yes
This course will enhance student’s design, innovation, critical thinking, and professional skills by experiencing real-time industry-funded projects. Working in multidisciplinary teams, students are guided by experienced engineering professionals both internally and externally. Teams interface frequently with the client, including occasional external site visits. Projects cover a broad range of engineering disciplines, and often incorporate the development of physical prototype(s) or digital models/simulations for evaluation and testing, as well as techno-economic elements. Students will integrate elements of engineering design, innovation, and professional practice from prior courses, with enhancements from occasional lectures, workshops, and guest speakers. Project funding supports all necessary travel, communication, software, equipment, prototyping components and related services. Professional engineering skills such as communication, teamwork, project management, engineering economics, ethics, and safety will be integral to the projects. 

Academic Units:
Mathematics 0
Natural Sciences 0
Complementary Studies 28
Engineering Science 0
Engineering Design 80

PREREQUISITE(S): APSC 381  or Enrolment may be requested by contacting the Instructor.

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