Oct 03, 2022  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Calendar 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Calendar [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MTHE 353 Probability II W | 3

Lecture: 3
Lab: 0
Tutorial: 0
Intermediate probability theory as a basis for further study in mathematical statistics and stochastic processes; probability measures, expectations; modes of convergence of sequences of random variables; conditional expectations; independent systems of random variables; Gaussian systems; characteristic functions; Law of large numbers, Central limit theory; some notions of dependence.

Academic Units:
Mathematics 36
Natural Sciences 0
Complementary Studies 0
Engineering Science 0
Engineering Design 0

PREREQUISITE(S): STAT 251 or MTHE 351  (STAT 351), APSC 174 , MTHE 281  (MATH 281)

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