Nov 18, 2019  
2016-2017 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Calendar-ARCHIVED 
2016-2017 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Calendar-ARCHIVED [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MECH 464 Communications and Project Management F | 1.5

Lecture: 0.75
Lab: 0
Tutorial: 0.75
This course provides advanced instruction and practice in technical communication and project management for multidisciplinary engineering projects. Content includes request for proposals, project planning and proposal writing, quality function deployment, oral presentation skills, client communications and concise report writing. Course deliverables are closely tied to deliverables in Capstone design courses. Open to Mechanical and Materials Engineering students only.

Academic Units:
Mathematics 0
Natural Sciences 0
Complementary Studies 18
Engineering Science 0
Engineering Design 0

COREQUISITE(S): MECH 460  or permission of the instructor

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