Nov 18, 2019  
2016-2017 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Calendar-ARCHIVED 
2016-2017 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Calendar-ARCHIVED [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GISC 202 DELETED - Data Collection, Management and Analysis W | 4

Lecture: 4
An introduction to the theory, methods, and practical issues in assessing, accessing, and maintaining data sources and database systems and related tools for the manipulation and analysis of data. Students will learn concepts of database management and computer programming and will apply these concepts to the preparation, manipulation, analysis, and presentation of spatial and tabular data. Deleted 2016-2017

Academic Units:
Mathematics 5
Natural Sciences 20
Complementary Studies 10
Engineering Science 5
Engineering Design 8

PREREQUISITE(S): Completion of the First Year Applied Science Program or permission of the Department of Geography

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